What does it mean when the funding target cannot be reached?

It’s not that much about what the people will do with the money, it’s much more about what the money will do to the people. Even just the fact of getting money from patrons on a regular basis is a huge encouragement to keep working on your ideas and feels like a monthly energiser. This […]

What is understood under funding target?

We support people, not projects. Our purpose is to ensure a long-term financial support in order to enable sustainable realization of innovative ideas for our common good. This is done by means of standing orders. So, the funding target is the money someone needs additionally per month in order to quit a job and dedicate […]

You are taking the money and you are a non-profit organisation; how can this be?

PATRON4change is a non-profit project of the Option 2.0 Plattform zur Stärkung der Zivilgesellschaft Association. Our purpose is not to make profit, but to invest the money we charge as a commission fee into the platform maintenance and the people who help us to do it. This is a classic non-profit approach. But before we […]

What kind of fees are charged by Stripe?

There are no fees charged for the presentation on PATRON4change for changemakers. 94% of patrons’ contributions go to changemakers except for costs related to payment processing. Stripe charges 0,25 Euro per transaction plus percentage of original 100% contribution depending on a credit card: it makes 1,2% with Visa- and MasterCard and 2,9% with all AMEX […]

How much of my financial contribution is actually going to changemakers?

Our PATRON4Change team also cannot live on air alone and we also need money to host the platform. Therefore, 10 percent of patron’s money are going to the association that ensures constant and smooth platform operation. This money is also invested into development of the platform, digital infrastructure and personnel. That is why we keep […]

How safe is the connection to PATRON4change?

PATRON4change is using a safe connection which is proved by “s” sign in our URL: https://patron4change.org. In addition, we also have a hybrid encoding protocol to ensure secure data transferring. More information about SSL

How safe is Stripe?

Stripe meets the strictest safety requirements in respective industry. Stripe also meets PCI-standards and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service-Provider. More information about Stripe’s safety standards.

What kind of simple and safe online payment payment do you offer?

In order to ensure a safe and quick monthly standing orders processing between patrons and changemakers we are using Stripe. Stripe is an international provider that supports online payments and is already used by kickstarter, for example. This is the way payments are transferred quickly and safely. More information about Stripe is available on www.stripe.com/de

Why should I give someone money before a voluntary service has been provided?

Trust instead of performance indicators. Those who challenge themselves in the interests of all of us deserve our respect and much more: our trust. With a little monthly contribution, we can make it possible for them to do the right thing. These are the people who initiate vital changes for us and we can give […]