We make change possible

because we:

  • bring Changemaker and Supporters together
  • so they can work on change cooperatively
  • and inspire others to do the same.

The ecosystem of change is emerging here,

where pioneers find support for their innovative ideas and where common work on solutions for the future starts.

We are Option 2.0 – platform for strengthening of the civil society – and we have been developing PATRON4change, one of our new projects, since the beginning of 2016. Since that time we realized that both, ourselves and a lot of people around us need exactly something like PATRON4change in order to make a change.

We are all working on a voluntary basis. The platform is in process of development and we will be happy to accept any support that will allow us to make our vision of civil society come true.

The challenge and why do we get involved

We noticed that the current system can hardly solve global challenges. The world is getting more and more out of joint. Everything is focused on a short-term profit, economy development and creation of jobs, no matter what kind of negative effects it may cause for our ecosystem and future generations.

At the same time a generation has never been so powerful before as it is now, because today is the moment of decision-making – what will happen to human beings in the next couple of centuries. Today it really depends on us to create the basis for the next generations.

This is the challenge we set for ourselves, and with PATRON4change we support each individual who wants to have a proper future for everyone, or is already working on it. These people are facing a double challenge: how to proceed with social impact and ensure personal income. The more time they dedicate to social impact, the less time they have for a paid job.

The answer is PATRON4change

The CrowdHELPing platform PATRON4change allows pioneers of change to present themselves and get a chance to find supporters. With a monthly financial compensation from “patrons” (individuals or companies) changemakers can invest more efforts into making their ideas real. Besides that, videos where they present themselves give us inspiration, motivation and orientation that we need to demonstrate social and ecological initiative ourselves.

To the Guidance for Changemakers

And what are Patrons getting out of it?

Patrons will have an opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility and make it visible for everyone. They are getting a good feeling, that their individual input is a part of a global solution. In addition to that PATRON4change is creating a partnership between Changemakers and Patrons so that they can work together on solutions. The long-term goal here is to create an ecosystem for change where all parties can work together.

To the Guidance für Patrons

Let’s use PATRON4change as a lever for Social Impact. With this tool we can help today’s pioneers to make innovative solutions real. Only together we can start a civil society movement that is not initiated by institutions or politicians, but by ordinary people who cannot and do not want to wait for top-down solutions.

PATRON4change in brief, the Elevator-Pitch


The necessity to have a paid job stops pioneers of change from realization of their innovative ideas and does not let them unlock their potential.


On www.patron4change.org we present people who have good ideas for social and ecological impact or are already working on them. There changemakers find those who will support them (patrons) with a certain monthly income.

USP – a drastic difference to other platforms of this kind.
Here it’s about people, not projects. Our goal is long-term (financial) support for people so that they can implement their innovative projects in a sustainable manner in cooperation with each other for the benefit of all.


PATRON4change contributes to social and ecological impact and creates an ecosystem for change so that both sides (pioneers and patrons) work on solutions together. And this is also our slogan: we make social impact affordable.


PATRON4change is a non-profit project of Option 2.0 – platform for strengthening of the civil society. Our purpose is to employ everyone who is working on the platform and its development. At the moment all the work is done on a voluntary basis.

Presentation according to the „golden circle“ of Simon Sinek

1. WHY

We believe in people and their innovative ideas for creating a good life for everyone.

2. HOW

That is why we want to let the world know about those pioneers and their solutions in order to provide them best possible support.


On our Internet platform they can present their solutions and inspire others to engage themselves. All those who also care about the above-mentioned problematics and find it of a burning importance can become a part of a solution. One can either provide a monthly financial support or get in touch with a changemaker and start working together.