Do you see a problem which you would be happy to solve?

You even know how and you have probably already started realizing your project, but:

  1. You do not have enough time left after work.
  2. Quitting a job or cutting hours is not a solution in terms of income.

We know this problem only too well, and with PATRON4change we will help you to eliminate this obstacle so that nothing is standing on your way to social impact.

That is why we step in relatively early and exactly at the stage of the first big challenge: the decision to really choose the way into the direction of solutions implementation. This is where we face a problem that concerns all of us: costs of living. It is not easy to cover those by means of social engagement. The more you invest into social impact, the less time you have left for paid work and vice versa – that’s the dilemma.

That is why we are aiming at making social impact affordable and the easiest solution is small amounts of money from many people, the way it successfully works with Crowdfunding all over the world.

It is that easy:

Present yourself and your mission, inspire other to follow you and find people who will support you (patrons) if you want. They will transfer you some money on a monthly basis which will make it possible for you to focus on realizing your mission which might later turn into certain projects which could be additionally funded by Project crowdfunding platforms.

  • If this is what you want then register as a Changemaker
  • Create a profile with a picture, tell a little bit about yourself and
  • Present your mission. These are NOT single projects. A mission is the sum of all projects and therefore a kind of a rooftop above the projects.

In your mission you have to answer the following questions:

  1. WHO are you? Simply write a couple of sentences about yourself and tell us what is important for you and why.
  2. WHAT: Which problem would you like to solve? Tell us what your motivation is and what exactly you would like to change in the world.
  3. HOW would you like to solve it? Provide a clear and simple description of your solutions, i.e. what exactly are you already working on.
  4. What could help you besides money to implement your mission?
  5. How much money do you need a month additionally, so that you could really focus on your mission?

In order to personalize your mission even more, we would finally recommend you to provide a video where you explain points one to four in details. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes. Upload the video on a video platform, such as Youtube or D.Tube, copy the whole URL-link to your video from the browser and paste it in a respective field of your profile.

We will check your finalized mission and put it online. You will be informed by mail including a direct link to your mission that you can share with others.

Detailed instructions on creating a profile and respective mission is available here.


How do you find patrons

Now that we made our mission visible, we can inspire and motivate others to follow and support us

1. Tell about your mission
Let all of your friends and acquaintances know that they can support you on PATRON4change.

2. Write updates about your progress
You have an opportunity to update your followers about your progress on a regular basis. Just log yourself in on and white a short update (one-two sentences) at least once a week. This update will appear under our mission and will be automatically send to all your followers.

Why do we recommend you to write updates and why does it serve your interests:

  • Awake peoples‘ curiosity: documented progress makes potential patrons curious. By doing this you show that you keep on working on your mission.
  • The more progress you share, the more excited you keep your existing patrons.
  • The more updates you post, the more attention you will get on the platform.

3. Link your Social Media Channels

You can make your patrons even happier if you link your social media channels to your profile. In this case they can get to know you better.

4. Working on solutions together

All registered users on PATRON4change can send you messages, therefore you can exchange information among each other and work on solutions altogether. Besides support of your patrons, you can also get support from other changemakers on the platform if you register on Just take a look at other missions and find out who is already working on the same issue and solutions and get in contact with them.



The money (patrons‘ contribution minus 6 percent for our services and Stripe payment processor’s fee) will be transferred directly to your Stripe account, which you can create here free of charge and link it to your profile on PATRON4change. You will find details here.

General regulation: received voluntary contributions are subject to tax liability only when they are made in exchange for delivered services of changemakers. To a large extent it will not be the case, especially when the contributions are covering costs of non-profit leisure activities of changemakers! Nevertheless we recommend to consult a tax advisor as every life situation is different and should be treated respectively.

Further Links:

More about Stripe, how exactly it works that you get money with it, and FAQ sections especially for changemakers, as well as other frequently asked questions are available here.

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