1. Registration: you start with going to Stripe-Website and enter your email address and password.
  2. Registration confirmation: your account will be confirmed by clicking a link that you will receive per email.
  3. Personalisation: in order to personalize your Stripe account you will have to enter your name on top of the page on the left (in the account itself).
  4. Provide bank account details: In the menu on the left you will see a “Balance>Settings” link. There you will have to enter your bank account details that you will use to receive money from patrons at later stages. When this is done you will receive a mail with a link to confirm the information you’ve entered.
  5. Payment setup: On the same page (Balance>Settings) you also have to choose how you would like to receive the money: daily, weekly, or monthly. This is for sure possible to enter this information manually without automatization. In this case you will have to log yourself in Stripe account additionally to initiate each payment. Very important: any new entries or changes on the page have to be confirmed by clicking the “Save” button on the right at the bottom of the page.
  6. Activation of Stripe account:The next step is activation of your Stripe account. In order to do this you have to click the „Activate your account“ button which is located on the right side at the top of the page under the “Home” button. There you will have to fill certain mandatory fields and if you cannot provide information about your business details, we recommend you to enter the following information, because PATRON4change is the project of Option 2.0 association and our changemakers are its respective “purpose”:
    – Legal business name: Option 2.0, Name, Surname (important: please enter your own name)
    – Business Description: Plattform zur Stärkung der Zivilgesellschaft
    – Business website: http://opt2o.org
    – Type of business: registered organization
    – Business address: Morizgasse 1, 1060, Wien
    – Business name for credit card statement details: PATRON4change
    The rest of the information relates to a person: name, date of birth, private address and telephone number.
  7. Finalize account activation: the very last step: Click on „Activate your account“ at the bottom on the right.

Here we go! Now the money of patrons will be transferred to a Stripe-Account and from there it will go directly to a personal bank account depending on payment settings (see step 5 “Payment setup”). Important: it is only working when PATRON4change profile is linked to your Stripe account. Here you will find the information how to create a profile here and post your mission.