Create a profile

  1. Registration: First you have to register as a changemaker here. You can confirm your registration by clicking on the link that you will get in a message right after you register.
  2. Create a profile: Then you log yourself in with the e-mail address you indicated before and create a profile with your portfolio and some information about yourself.
  3. Link social media channels to your profile: Then you will have an option to add your social media channels to your profile (please copy full links, for example:
  4. Create a Stripe account: In order to receive money, you have to have a free Stripe-Account. Here you can find details regarding creating a Stripe account.If you do not want any money, but you want to inspire others, then enter “0” in the field “Donation goal” when filling your Mission form. In this case there will be no donation list and no “Support” button at the end of your Mission and you can skip steps 4 and 5 and you do not have to create a Stripe account. Thus you will use PATRON4change only for inspiring others with your mission and for showing that each of us can do something for the future that is worth living for.
  5. Link your profile to your Stripe-Account: Once you have a stripe account you can link it to you PATRON4change profile. You will find a respective Connect-Link that you will have to click at the bottom of your profile. The link will lead you to a registration mask on Stripe that will offer you an option to connect a certain account (respective option is located on the top of the page in the corner).The last step is to link your profile to your Stripe-Account, by means of which the money will be transferred from patrons to your account. You can post your mission only once you Stripe-Account is linked to your profile. Here you can find details regarding creating a Stripe-Account.
  6. Complete your profile: in order to save your completed profile please click “ Update” at the end.


Create a mission

  1. Create a mission: At the top of the same page you will find a tab “My missions”. When you select this tab, you will find a “Create a mission” button.
  2. Fill the form: This button will lead you to a form that you have to fill by answering the questions. Keep in mind that it’s about you, your point of view, your ideas and your passion and not about projects even though you can propose already ongoing projects as solutions for certain problems.
  3. Make a video: in order to get to know you as good as possible personally it is important to provide a video. In this video you will answer the same questions as in the form but for the camera. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes – short and to the point.
  4. Uploading the video and linking it: you have to upload the video to a video platform such as YouTube or D.Tube, copy the link from the address line and paste it completely inclusive https:// into the mission form.
  5. Completion and check: When you click the button “Save, next” you will be redirected to a preview of your mission and you can check everything again before you click the “Create mission” button. Once this is done, we will get a notification that a new mission was created. Once we read and approve your mission, it will appear online and you will get a respective confirmation in a form of a thank you-message. In this message you will also find a link that you can use to modify your mission in the future.
    You will get an email when we’ve checked everything and your mission is online.

Now it is also up to you to share our posted mission with your friends and people you know. Let all of them know that they can support you on PATRON4change.

Post updates

You have an opportunity to inform your followers and patrons about your progress on a regular basis. At the bottom of “My missions” tab, under the text of your mission, you can write updates about your progress and realization of the mission. This is how you keep everyone who is interested in your mission up to date and create a relationship to them, turning them into patrons who will ensure your regular allowances.